#10 June 2007


Open Systems: A Perspective on the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 07

by laurie halsey brown

Intra-disciplinary hybrid practioner laurie halsey brown reports from 'Interact or Die!' the eighth edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival by v2, the Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Interview with Art Clay, Artistic Director of Zurich's DAW07

by Rachael Watts

Art Clay, artistic director of the Digital Art Weeks organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, in conversation with Rachael Watts explains his view on the intersection between art and new technologies.

The Valorization of the Author

by Michael Betancourt

Curator/avant-garde theorist/multi-disciplinary artist Michael Betancourt re-examines Authorship in relation to recombinant/database work and hyperlinking practice in blogs and social networking.

Modifying Art

by Andrew Y Ames

New Media artist Andrew Y Ames revisits the history of computer game as modifying art, a continuation of the Fluxus tradition in which art was conceived "'in the action rather than the object.'"

Place, Space and Sound

by Christian Hörgren

With Stockhholm New Music Festival's '06 theme "Place and Space" as a starting point, architect/critic/musician Christian Hörgren examines the relationship between the notion of space and music by tracing examples in music history.

Art and Sound in Stockholm New Music ('06) and LARM-Nordic Sound Art Festival ('07)

by Sachiko Hayashi

The following works at 2 Stockholm festivals are discussed: Christina Kubisch's "A History of Archives", Janet Cardiff's "Forty-Part Motet", Steina Vasulka's "Violin Power" and Maia Urstad's "Radio Concert."





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