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(John Cage performance at a Fylkingen concert 1963)


# 20: July 2015>>>

ARTICLES: "The Mobile Augmented Soundscape: Defining an Emerged Genre" by Michael Filimowicz, " Resonances: The Sound of Performance" by Johannes Birringer, "Computer Art and the Theory of Computation" by Jim Andrews, "Cerebral Augmentation: The Generative Computer Artist as Cyborg" by Laurence Counihan, "Hear on Earth" by Adam Rothstein, "The Pirate Cinema: A Generative Self Portrait" by Matteo Cremonesi, "Darwikinism: Between Trollism and Error" by Emilio Vavarella, "Handling Digital Art" by Gary Svensson

# 19: July 2014>>>

ARTICLES: "What, Am I Hearing Light? Listening Through Jean-Luc Nancy" by Martyn Hudson, "What is 'Post-Digital'?" by Florian Cramer, "Critical Glitches and Glitch Art" by Michael Betancourt, "Mixing it: 12 Remixes by Michael Szpakowski" by Edward Picot, "Landscpes {Soundscpes:Dronestrikes on Saturn" by Laura Plana Gracia, "How the Technological Design of Facebook Homogenizes Identity and Limits Personal Representation"by Ben Grosser, "My Lawyer is an Artist" by Aymeric Mansoux, "Cruft: Art from Digital Leftovers" by Robert Spahr, "Outline for a Talk on Blank that Can't Be Given" by Alan Sondheim, "Rolling Stones Gets Me No Satisfaction" by Kevin Logan, "Ordinarily Nowhere" by GX Jupitter-Larsen, "Electronic Music Archives in the Collection of the Swedish Performing Arts Agency" by Pär Johansson, "A Brief Historical Overview of Fylkingen's Journals" by Sachiko Hayashi

# 18: May 2013>>>

ARTICLES: "freq_out 8 – 4 250 Cubic Metres and 48 Hours of Sound" by Carl Michael von Hausswolff, "The Violin, The River, and Me: Artistic Research and Environmental Epistemology in balancing string and Devil's Water 1, Two Recent Environmental Sound Art Projects" by Bennett Hogg, "Perspective, Texture, Density, and Motion: Aesthetics and the Art of Audio Field Recording" by Steven M. Miller, "Creativity in Algorithmic Music" by Evan X. Merz, "The Parametric Courante" by Guang Zhu, "Donkey Bridges: On Creative and Technical Process Behind 'Eselsbrücke'"by Cristian Vogel, "DOT, A Videogame With No Winner" by Henrique Roscoe, "Trapped to Reveal - On Webcam Mediated Communication and Collaboration" by Annie Abrahams, "The Imaginary Scream" by Robert Willim

# 17: April 2012>>>

ARTICLES: "Dynamic Performance of Nature: Augmenting Environmental Perception Through Social Media and Architectural Informatics" by Brian W. Brush, Yong Ju Lee & Noa Younse,"Feeltrace And The Emotions (After Charles Darwin)" by Debra Swack, "From Plaintext Players to Avatar Actors: A Short Survey of Online Gaming Performance" by Mathias Jansson, "Emergence in Stocial Web" by Liat Berdugo, "A Step Backwards For A Leap Forward: The OFF Label Festival / Digital Art Weeks 2011" by Art Clay, "The Book Of Stamps: Travel Guide For Sonic Landscaping From Cities To Urban Cultures" by Art Clay, "themusicoffutureisntmusic" by Henry Gwiazda, "Visual Rhythms" by Simon Longo & Max Schileser, "Click For Details, A Sound And Light Installation" by Alessandro Perini, "Vertigo Of The Technological Sublime" by Vito Campanelli

# 16: March 2011>>>

ARTICLES: "Quantum Improvisation: The Cybernetic Improvisation" by Pauline Oliveros, "Moistmedia, Technoetics and Three VRs" by Roy Ascott, "Grains of Gold in All This Shift: Web 2.0, Crowdsourcing and Participatory Art" by Amanda Wasielewski, "Dynamic Screen / Room :" by Thore Soneson, "First Museum Shooters" by Mathias Jansson, "SONOMATERIA: Audio-Tactile Composition" by Irad Lee

# 15: September 2010>>>

ARTICLES: "Towards a Soundly Ecstatic Electronica" by Joseph Nechvatal, "Of Ultrasound, Art and Science" by Michael Dotolo, "Acoustics, Not Theatre" by Adrian Knight, "Iannis Xenakis: Form and Transformation" by JD Pirtle, "James Turrell's Mendota Stoppages and Roden Crater: When the Studio and the Art Become One" by JD Pirtle, "Teorema Ritournelle" by Chritina McPhee

# 14: December 2009>>>

ARTICLES: "Ephemeron: Control Over Self-Organised Music" by Phivos-Angelos Kollias, "Metal and Wind: Bertoia and the Space of Reverie" by Michael Filimowicz, "Embodiment and Technology: Towards a Utopian Dialectic" by Belinda Haikes,"Sensory Substitution" by judsoN, "Chong! A Parallel Environment" by Joaquin Gasgonia Palencia, "Artistic Textual and Performative Paths in New Media Correlations: An Interview with Annie Abrahams" by Evelin Stermitz, "Progressions: Toward a Poetic Improvisation of Listening" by Brian Schorn

Hz NET GALLERY: Buffalo Weekly VideosUFFALO WEEKLY VIDEOS by Alsse Stephanian, The Natural "High-Times" Sound Shuttle by Rudi Punzo, Baptize by Aaron Oldenburg, In His Memory (Starman) by Aaron M Higgins, Keyword Intervention by Owen Mundy, Radiant Copenhagen by Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Řrum

# 13: January 2009>>>

ARTICLES: "Program" System of Digital Art:"BOOM! Fast and Frozen Permutation" – Taiwan-Australia New Media Art Exhibition by Yu-Chuan Tseng, Games: The Art of Making, Bending, and Breaking Rules by Andrew Yashar Ames, The Miracles of Feedback by Mario van Horrik, Hz vs Church by Novi_sad, We Are Not Alone by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, Intimate Transactions: Close Encounters of Another Kind by Tony Fry

Hz NET GALLERY: Pollen Soup by Pierre Proske, Sharedscapes - Points of View on Landscapes by Egrégoire Zabé, Cityscapes by Myron Turner, Passivitate Imunitass(Activista) by Poderiu, 88 Constellations For Wittgenstein (To Be Played With The Left Hand) by David Clark.

# 12: July 2008 >>>

ARTICLES: Spectral Memories: the Aesthetics of the Phonographic Recording by Dugal McKinnon, _Augmentology Extracts_ by Mez Breeze, Sound Art and Public Auditory Awareness by Ariel Bustamante, Second Lives, Virtual Identities and Fragging by Matthew Board, YMYI - You Move You Interact by Joăo Martinho Moura and Jorge Sousa, Pixelgrain by John Grande

Hz NET GALLERY: Spamology by Irad Lee, Self Portrait by Ethan Ham, All The News by Jody Zellen, MyNovel.org by Alan Bigelow and Not At All Here by Jeremy Hight.

# 11: December 2007 >>>

ARTICLES:  Remediations. Art in Second Life by Domenico Quaranta, Created Identities: Hybrid Cultures and the Internet by Ian M Clothier, Álvarez-Fernández: Sound Amateur by Silvia Scaravaggi, Analog Color Field Computer (ACFC) by Gregory Shakar, Web.Art's Nature by Andrej Tisma, Exile as Noise - Noise as Exile by Dror Feiler

Hz NET GALLERY: Projector for the Affirmation of the New by Sylvia Grace Borda, Web Piece n°1 by Assunta Ruocco, The Sonic Map of Battersea Park by Gaya Gajewska, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Edward Picot and I Want to See All the News From Today by Martin John Callanan.

# 10: June 2007 >>>

ARTICLES:  Open Systems: A Perspective on the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 07 by laurie halsey brown, Interview with Art Clay, Artistic Director of Zurich's DAW07 by Rachael Watts, The Valorization of the Author by Michael Betancourt, Modifying Art by Andrew Y Ames, Place, Space, Sound by Christian Hörgren, Art and Sound in Stockholm New Music ('06) and LARM-Nordic Sound Art Festival ('07) by Sachiko Hayashi

Hz NET GALLERY: Extragram (Discrete Events in Noisy Domians) by Tanja Vujinovic, Die Schudas by Susanne Schuda, Inverted Affects by Laura Bey, Entaglegrids by Jason Nelson and Epiglobis by Alexander Mouton.

# 9: January 2007 >>>

ARTICLES:  The Composition Instrument: Musical Emergence and Interaction by Nobert Herber, LeWitt's Ideal Children by Domenico Quaranta, Dissonance, Sex and Noise:(Re)Building (Hi)Stories of Electroacoustic Music by Miguel Álvarez Fernández, Behind Technology: Sampling, Copyleft, Wikipedia, and Transformation of Authorship and Culture in Digital Media by Sachiko Hayashi, Opening Up Public Space by Arthur Clay, Time and Real-time in On-line Art by Ewa Wojtowicz

Hz NET GALLERY: Hypertemporality Animations by Peter Baldes, 15x15 by Richard Vickers, CitySnapper_5[Berlin] by Olivier Vanderaa, SuperImpositions by Position and {transcription} by Michael Takeo Magrude.

# 8: June 2006 >>>

ARTICLES:  Augmented Body and Virtual Body by Suguru Goto, Floating Points: Locative Media, Perspective, Flight and the International Space Station by Jeremy Hight, Global vs. Local: The Art of Translocality by Ewa Wojtowicz, Technology as if by Annika Olofsdotter Bergstrom, Man Machine by Björn Norberg,"Where Are You From?": The Networked Sphere by Pat Badani

Hz NET GALLERY: The Prosthetic Component Interface Series or PCI by Andrew Bucksbarg, Continuum by Tom Badley, Searching in the Box by Francesca Roncagliolo, theuse.info by Chris Mann and Zinhar by Babel

# 7: December 2005 >>>

ARTICLES:  Exploding, Plastic and Inevitable: The Rise of Video Art by Jeremy Welsh, Directory.Linking 2:/The Immersive State of Reality[Game]Play by Mez, The old and The New Old: A Conceptual Approach Towards Performing The Changing Body by Franziska Shroeder, Synchronised Swqmp: Uncanny Expressive Mathematics by Pierre Proske, Listening to the Earth by Andrea Polli, Orama Project by David Boardman

Hz NET GALLERY: Mapa by Influenza, Triangles by Compound Pilot, Stand by Your Guns by Jillian McDonald, Mire Cruft by Robert Sphar and Flying Puppet by Nicolas Clauss

# 6: June 2005 >>>

ARTICLES:  Virtual Musical Instruments: Technological Aspect and Their Interactive Performance Issues by Suguru Goto, Between Art and Technology by Sachiko Hayashi, Composition Camouflaged: on the Relationship between Interpretation and Improvisation by Franziska Martinsen, Take a Chance on Me: an Essay on the Mediation of the Contemporary Condition by Thore Soneson, Space in New Media Conception: With Continual Reference to Computer Games by Bo Kampmann Walther, Undervattenskonsert: Underwater Concert by Alice Gerber

Hz NET GALLERY: Sonido y Energia by Santiago Ortiz, BIOevent by Monica Jacobo, Unstable Portrait of Joseph Goebbels by Aleksandar Macasev, destroyevil.com by Katie Bush and Intervals by Peter Horvath

# 5: December 2004 >>>

ARTICLES: GoingPublik: Mobile Multimedia as Mixed Reality by Art Clay, New Media, New Narrative by David Crawford, Virtual Constructions: The Standards of Utopia by Annett Zinsmeister, Negotiating Identities by Jette Sandahl, Where Has All the Cat Soup Gone: An Investigation of Manga Artist Suicides by Thom Bailey, A Sequence of Experiences by Krystal Taylor

Hz NET GALLERY: Special Feature on Han Hoogerbrugge: Modern Living/Neurotica Series, Flow, Spin and Hotel

# 4: June 2004 >>>

ARTICLES: "Grain, Sequence, System": Three Levels of Reception in the Performance of Laptop Music by Kim Cascone, Something Third, Other by Petra Gemeinboeck, Japan in Scandinavia: Cultural Clichés in Receptions of Works by Mori Mariko by Gunhild Borggreen, Fylkingen.org: Visions of the Present in Retrospect by Teddy Hultberg

Hz NET GALLERY: Vector Defender by On Click, INFLAT-O-SCAPE by Jessica Irish, Invisible Maps by Paul Catanese, Turns by Margot Lovejoy and Mouchette

# 3: October 2003 >>>

ARTICLES: The Aesthetics of Failure: "Post-Digital" Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music by Kim Cascone, A Virtual Memorial: A Memorial as a Process - A Model of the World by Agricola de Cologne, Notes on Critical Black U.S. Performance Art and Artists by Clifford Owens, The edge of Artlessness: The video reflection, snap-shot, family and self-portraiture; and almost losing it all. by Jim Jeffers, Industrimusiken: Frĺn elektronisk pornografi till ockultism (Swedish) by Guido Zeccola.

Hz NET GALLERY: confrontation by Anni Abraham & Clément Charmet, Twice-told Tales by Nicholas Economos, Hidden by Isabel Saij, Solenoďdes by Tamara Lai and Stop Motion Studies by David Crawford

# 2: March 2003 >>>

ARTICLES: Fylkingen Artist in Residence by Thomas Liljenberg, The Gender of Music by Guido Zeccola, EMS Prize by Ulf Stenberg (EMS), Mereamis by Pär Johansson (SEAMS), Phantom Broadcast by John Duncan.

Hz NET GALLERY: Self-less by Wolf Kahlen, A is for an Apple by David Clark, Soundscraper by Stanza, and www.nowar.nogame.org by jimpunk.

# 1: 2000 >>>

ARTICLES:Intro (Swedish), Norm White, In Search of the Miraculous (Swedish), Pandra's Box, Three Cats..., V2_, and visual and audio materials on Sound as Art as Sound and Salong Fylkingen.






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