#11 December 2007


Remediations. Art in Second Life

by Domenico Quaranta

"SL is literally teeming with artists. ...and it is probably the only virtual world to have succeeded in focusing global attention on contemporary art, thanks to artists such as Eva and Franco Mattes (0100101110101101.ORG) and Cao Fei...." Art critic and curator Domenico Quaranta's report on SL art.

Created Identities: Hybrid Cultures and the Internet

by Ian M Clothier

"Heterogeneity, multiplicity and rupture are three aspects of Deleuze and Guattari's rhizome.... This makes the internet an entirely suitable place to manufacture a hybrid cultural identity..." Ian M. Clothier's 'The District of Leistavia' is a hybrid cultural entity based on the Internet.

Álvarez-Fernández: Sound Amateur

by Silvia Scaravaggi

Art critic/curator Silvia Scaravaggi discusses 'Soundanism' by composer Miguel Álvarez Fernández whose current work "mixes and hybridizes electronic and artistic media in a research devoted to the connections between sound, art and physiology."

Analog Color Field Computer (ACFC)

by Gregory Shakar

"The Analog Color Field Computer (ACFC) is an interactive video and sound installation that makes both minimal and maximal use of computer monitors." Artist Gregory Shakar explains his ACFC whose "conceptual and practical objectives [are] centered around the theme of Reclaiming the Video Screen."

Web.Art's Nature

by Andrej Tisma

"...there is an apparent similarity between the Internet and web.art concept and principle and some earlier forms of communicative art such as mail-art in the early 60’s and network art in the 80’s." Artist Andrej Tisma relocates the historical connection of Web.Art to Mail Art and the network movement.

Exile as Noise - Noise as Exile

by Dror Feiler

"For me to be in exile, to be an immigrant is like being "NOISE" in musical context....a person is here bodily pushed over borders by forces beyond his or her control." Composer/musician Dror Feiler draws a parallel between the state of exile and the musicality of noise music.





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