#4 June 2004


"Grain, Sequence, System": Three Levels of Reception in the Performance of Laptop Music

by Kim Cascone

Composer/musician Kim Cascone discusses the issue of "listening" in laptop music performances and advocates cultivation of "attentive listening" which has been with the audience of electro-acoustic music concerts for decades.

Something Third, Other

by Petra Gemeinboeck

Architect and interactive media artist Petra Gemeinboeck analyzes how "something third" emerges as a virtual identity in the tele-immersive virtual environments.

Japan in Scandinavia: Cultural Clichés in Receptions of Works by Mori Mariko

by Gunhild Borggreen

Gunhild Borggreen, art historian, argues how the inclusion of Mori Mariko's work in the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice International Art Biennial 1997 examplifies formation of cultural clichés based on distinction between "us" and "others".

Fylkingen.org: Visions of the Present in Retrospect

by Teddy Hultberg

In conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the non-profit arts organization Fylkingen, writer Teddy Hultberg takes a revisit to the history of Fylkingen and its position in Swedish cultural life.





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