#5 December 2004


GoingPublik:Mobile Multimedia as Mixed Reality

by Art Clay

Sound artist Art Clay reports about his project, GoingPublik, a collaboration with two Swiss scientists to develop a mobile real-time multimedia tool for music performers by using ideas of kinetic art .

New Media, New Narrative

by David Crawford

New media artist David Crawford discusses the works of three net artists (John Cabral, Mouchette and Mumbleboy) that "enable users to make successive investments deeper layers, with the initial layer being the lynchpin. "

Virtual Constructions: The Standards of Utopia

by Annett Zinsmeister

Annett Zinsmeister, professor of theory, architecture and design, takes us through a historical overview of inter-relations between design tools and our thoughts from the Renaissance through the 20th century archetechture to today's virtual world of "the Sims."

Negotiating Identities

by Jette Sandahl

Jette Sandahl's thoughts over the issue of identity in our mobile and multi-cultural society and the question of curation for such national institutions as national museums and other art projects.

Where Has All the Cat Soup Gone: An Investigation of Manga Artist Suicides

by Thom Bailey

Thom Bailey reports on high suicidal rates amongst manga artists in Japan and his observation over the social conditions where the "population simultaneously praises its manga as an inimitable cultural treasure, and damns it as a corruptor of traditional values."

A Sequence of Experiences

by Krystal Taylor

Krystal Taylor reports on Lee Welch's exhibition (Ireland and UK) where, by using his portraits only, he investigates trace and perception of time.





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