#7 December 2005


Exploding, Plastic and Inevitable: the Rise of Video Art

by Jeremy Welsh

Artist Jeremy Welsh (Professor at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Department of Fine Art, Norway) presents a condense history of the medium which came to be known as "Video Art."

Directory.Linking 2:/The Immersive State of Reality[Game]Play.

by MEZ

The experimental cyber poet MEZ observes today's game play and asks us " Should artists learn from ARGs [Alternative Reality Games]ability to push genre-dimensionalities beyond the emptiness of forced sterile institutionalised [sanctioned] interactivity?"

The Old and the New and the New Old: A Conceptual Approach Towards Performing The Changing Body

by Franziska Schroeder

Franziska Schroeder examines two modes of performance in relation to the body and technology and goes on to search for the third - "the new old."

Synchronised Swamp: Uncanny Expressive Mathematics

by Pierre Proske

Pierre Proske explains his "Synchronised Swamp," a computer generated simulation of a mathematical model of the natural phenomenon, i.e., synchronisation of chorusing swamp frogs.

Listening to the Earch

by Andrea Polli

Heat and the Heartbeat of the City and N. are two projects by Andrea Polli, a digital media artist who works in collaboration with meteorological scientists for better understanding of our climate through data sonification.

ORAMA Project

by David Boardman

ORAMA "wants to offer a new social tool able to support the need for new collaborative imaginaries and narrations necessary for a redefinition of the cities, the urban spaces and their identities. "





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