#8 June 2006


Augmented Body and Virtual Body

by Suguru Goto

Composer Suguru Goto's "Augumented Body and Virtual Body" is a combination of his previous project "BodySuit" utilising 12 censors on a human performer and his new project "Robotic Music," in which 5 robots performs following percussions: Gong, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tom-Tom, and Cymbal.

Floating Points: Locative Media, Perspective, Flight and the International Space Station

by Jeremy Hight

Jeremy Hight has developed an experiment for the International Space Station that questions all the current notions of location in locative media by the inclusion of perspective: he proposes a new field of art to trigger above cities and the landscape at various altitudes.

Global vs. Local: The Art of Translocality

by Ewa Wojtowicz

"The Internet-based culture has a global impact although its origin is blurred. Is it local? Are there any tendencies of locality visible in the world of net art?" Ewa Wojtowicz, theoretician/historian of art & culture and new media, examines the net art practice from the perspective of locality and gloval networked community.

Technology as if

by Annika Olofsdotter Bergstrom

Annika Olofsondotter Bergström discusses three New Media performances in which all use technology as body's extension: Troika Ranch's "Future of memory", Stelarc's "Ping Body" and Laetitia Sonami's "Lady’s Glove"

Man Machine

by Björn Norberg

New Media Art Curator Björn Norberg leads us through the back-stage of the exhibition "Man Machine" shown at the National Museum of Science and Technology in February this year.

"Where Are You From?": The Networked Sphere

by Pat Badani

Interviews in 6 cities (Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Paris) are compiled in Pat Badani's net art project "Where Are You From" to reveal the dynamics between the notions of "place" and "belonging."





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