"...Watching this process you may consider this as a decay, as vanishing life, the cutting off of self, in this case Wolf Kahlen's self, or as a ritual death. A global weathering out on one side and a rebirth on the other side. As we all rub off our shoulders off at matters and at beings we live with, or come into existence by the same instances. The artist philosophically, and this is actually, what he has been aiming for ever since I know him, demonstrates here the kicking-out of the ego, and the ego out of art. The given title SELBST-LOS carries this ambiguity: off with your ego, as an urge and: beeing without egocentrism already as a state of beeing. The final impossibility of total self-lessness is part of the game too...." (Peter P. Kajzar)

Wolf Kahlen is an intermedia artist, professor at Dept. of Architecture, Technische Universität Berlin. Born 1940, he works in photography (since 1956), painting, drawing and printing (since 1960), video (since 1969), sound (since 1970), performance (since 1968), architecture (since 1972), ethnological documentary video (since 1985), as well as with all phenomena and materials including animals and plants, all the elements. Founder of the Videoforum Berlin (1970/71), ADA (Aktionen der Avantgarde). Architect and Director of Ruine der Kuenste Berlin. His art works have been shown world-wide from China to South Africa.




A IS FOR APPLE is a flash website project that uses the hypertext linking of interactive work to investigate a cryptography or hemeneutics of the apple. Using an ever expanding series of associative links, the work looks for hidden meanings, coincidences and insights that all stem from the apple. The image of the apple leads to references and ideas borrowing from Western Metaphysics, popular culture, the history of cryptograhy, ideas of language and psychoanalysis.

David Clark is a media artist and filmmaker who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is the writer and director of the feature film Maxwell's Demon (1998) and the shorts Albert's Diner (1997), Broken Crowns (1992), and The ILL ID and the ODD SEA (1991): His previous new media works include the installations Chemical Vision (2000), The Chance Encounter (1999), the CD-ROMÕs The Bones of Napier (1997) and GaGe (1997).



1999 - 2000

"I have spent the last seven years making making artworks for the web. This time is spent addressing the issues around net art and the protocols of the net as a medium. I am interested net specific works, designed for the internet, that will use elements of html, javascript, and could also incorporate flash, shockwave and java." SOUNDSCRAPER is a part of his AMORPHOSCAPES which presents several other works that are "interactive, generative, audio visual, digital paintings and drawings created specifically for the internet. This interactive art incorporates generative sounds and 3D imaging. AMORPHOSCAPES provides a seductive, multisensory non linear and interactive experience for the audience to immerse into."

Stanza is a Uk based artist who deals with net art, multimedia, electronic music and painting. Most of his work can be viewed from www.stanza.co.uk. The Central City and Inner City are investigations into urban structures. Other projects include Subvergence, which subverts fragments and images from the imternet. He is a receipient of various international prizes, including Fluxus online first prize 2002, SeNef Online Grand Prix Korea 2002, File Second prize Brasil 2002, Links first prize Porto 2001, Videobrasil Sao Paulo 2001 first prize, Cynet art 2000 first prize Dresden and Wolfsen 25 Painting first prize.





"everything is under control, hypnotic feeling"

jimpunk has participated in various international new media festivals, including Whitney Artport: IDEA LINE 2001, European Media Art Festival 2002, break21_6th International Festival of Young Emerging Artists, FILE-2002 electronic language international festival, FLUXUS -international festival on the internet, Impakt Festival 2002, etc. His works can been seen at www.jimpunk.com.











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